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  • Our full paper on nitro reduction and hydroamination is accepted for publication in JACS! It's a team effort, with collaborators at AZ, Cardiff University and TU Darmstadt!


  • Ruth gives an invited talk at eh RSC South & East Organic Section Meeting


  • Sam's paper on iron(bisphosphine)-PH3 complexes is accepted for publication in Inorg. Chem.!

  • Miriam and Thomas finish their Part III projects


  • We welcome Rhiannon Fletcher-Stones for her NanoCDT mini project

  • Ruth gives talks in Dublin at UCD and TCD


January 2024

  • Ruth gives talks in Bristol and Cardiff

October 2023

  • The group moves to the University of Cambridge!

  • We welcome Miriam Kaufman and Thomas Wright for their Part III projects!

  • Mirela's paper on desilylation is published in Organometallics! The stress of the move to Cambridge meant the wrong image was attached as the TOC (Ruth's fault!)

  • Ruth gave seminar at Heriot Watt and St Andrews

August 2023

  • Our detailed study on salen ligand activation is published in ACS Catalysis!

July 2023

  • Postdoc Sam leaves to group, taking up a position as NMR & Mass Spec instrument specialist in the department!

  • We welcome summer student Max Entwistle to the group!

June 2023

  • Ruth & Emily present research at the 27th International symposium: Synthesis in organic chemistry

April 2023

  • Postdoc Tom leaves the group to start a new PDRA position with Dr. Adrian Chaplin at the University of Warwick- good luck Tom!

  • PhD Tom defends his thesis- well done Tom!

  • Charlie and Ollie attend Dalton 2023 at the University of Warwick

  • Tahlia finishes her MChem project- super stuff!

November 2022

  • Sam and Tom present posters at the RSC Southern Dalton meeting and Tom was awarded a poster prize!

  • Ruth has been awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize in Chemistry

  • Ruth gives talks at TU Darmstadt and TU Wien

October 2022

  • We welcome Rofiat Shoetan and Ollie Jarvis to the group for their PhD! Rofi is funded by GSK and Ollie is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

  • Sam and Tom published a couple of sweet perspectives over the summer:

Broken Promises? On the Continued Challenges Faced in Catalytic Hydrophosphination in ACS Catalysis

Taming PH3: State of the Art and Future Directions in Synthesis in JACS


July 2022

  • A busy three days for papers:

    • Angewandte from Adam and collaborators, Martin Diefenbach & Vera Krewald (TU Darmstadt);

    • Chem. Eur. J. from Mirela and collaborator, Sara Kyne (Monash);

    • and Callum's final paper form his PhD accepted in a special edition of Synthesis. Great stuff everyone!

  • Tom LW gives a talk at the ICOMC in Prague

  • PhD studentship available! Funded by the Leverhulme Trust, and in collaboration with Stuart Macgregor, we have two 3.5 year PhD studentships (one synthesis based in Bath, one computational based at Heriot Watt) with a preferred start date of 3rd October. Application deadline 31st July, interviews w/c 8th August.

June 2022

  • Tom wins the final year inorganic chemistry talk prize at the Departmental Bolland Symposium. Emily and Charlie win prizes for their posters. Top stuff guys!

  • Ruth has been awarded the 2022 RSC Sir Edward Frankland Fellowship

  • Ruth gives a virtual seminar at Oldenburg University.

March 2022

  • Sam, Tom, Adam, Tom, Emily & Mirela all head off to san Diego for the ACS Spring Meeting, while Ruth gives talks at the Wilkinson Symposium at Burlington House and at the CEHC-2 meeting in Leipzig.

  • AJ and Iain finish their MChem projects in the lab- nice work guys!

February 2022

  • Congratulations to Tom Linford-Wood for his publication on H/D exchange in ACS Catalysis!

October 2021

  • Congratulations to Adam for his publication on the formation of cyclopolyphosphines, which has been accepted by Inorg. Chem.!

  • Welcome to Iain and Alessandra, who join the group for their final year projects. It's nice to have MChem students in the lab again!

September 2021

  • Congratulations to Callum for successfully defending his thesis!

  • We welcome Charlie Cavens to the group for her PhD. She is jointly supervised by Dr. Matthew Grayson and will be combining machine learning with synthesis.

July 2021

  • Sam's work on hydroboration of aldehydes, ketones and CO2 is published in Dalton Trans!

June 2021

  • Callum's paper, in collaboration with Derek Durand, is accepted for publication in Chem. Eur. J.!

  • We welcome Leah Firmstone, who joins the group for an RSC-funded summer studentship!

April 2021

  • Welcome to new PDRA, Dr. Thomas Hood, who will be working on a Leverhulme-funded project.

  • Dani's work, in collaboration with Sam Neale and Stuart Macgregor (Heriot Watt), is accepted for publication in ACS Catalysis!

March 2021

  • Tom's work on PMHS/n-butanol mediated transfer hydrogenation is published in Green Chemistry!

  • Ruth gives a (virtual) seminar at Marquette University, WI.

  • Dani finished her time in the group, taking some time off before joining Warren Piers' group in Calgary!

January 2021

  • Callum's work, in collaboration with Derek Durand & Natalie Fey (Bristol) and Emma Richards (Cardiff) on double bond isomerisation is accepted by Chemistry - A European Journal! It's an Fe(I)/(III) cycle!

December 2020

  • Nathan, Dani and Cei's work on heterobimetallic complexes is accepted for publication by Organometallics!

  • We will shortly be advertising a two-year PDRA position, funded by the Leverhulme Trust. This is in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Vera Krewald (TU Darmstadt), who will also be advertising a two-year PDRA position!

  • We will shortly be advertising a GSK iCASE PhD studentship, in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Grayson! 

October 2020

  • Adam's work on Ge-catalysed hydrophosphination is published in ChemComm!

September 2020

  • Welcome to Mirela and Emily who join the group for their PhD! Mirela is funded through the CSCT Bath-Monash PhD programme and Emily is funded through an AstraZeneca iCASE award.

  • Congratulations to Sam and Dani for their lockdown review on the use of amine-boranes in transfer hydrogenation!

August 2020

May 2020

  • Dani and Andrew's work on dehydrocoupling to form E-Si bonds is published in ACS Catalysis!

April 2020

  • Cei passes his viva!!!

  • Cei's work on the use of ReactIR to quantify ppb levels of 2H is published in ACS Anal. Chem.

  • The group are occupying themselves by baking, giving themselves home-haircuts and trying to write papers (in that order).

March 2020

  • Ali, Jonny and Hugh all finish their projects in the lab- great work guys! It's a pity it had to end so soon!

February 2020

January 2020

  • Ruth gives the McCamley Lecture at the University of York

  • In collaboration with Dr Sara Kyne, we are advertising a Bath-Monash PhD studentship on Polymerising, depolymerising and re-purposing using iron catalysis!

November 2019

  • Welcome to Dr Samantha Lau, the new PDRA in our group!

  • We have a fully funded AZ iCASE PhD studentship available to start in September 2020! 

October 2019

  • Ruth gives a talk at the SCI New Synthetic Methods meeting in London

  • Welcome to Jonny, Hugh and Ali, who join the group for their MChem projects

August 2019

  • Tom Linford-Wood returns to the group for his PhD!

  • Cei is awarded funds by the RSC International Mobility Fund to continue his DFT studies for another 3 months!

July 2019

  • Nathan defends his thesis and is off to TU Berlin to join Christian Muller for a post doc!

  • We welcome Benjamin Rondeau to the group for a summer placement.

June 2019

  • Ruth is an invited speaker at Euroboron 8 in Montpellier.


May 2019

  • Cei is off to TU Darmstadt to undertake a three month placement with Dr. Vera Krewald!

  • Alex, Dave, Steve and Tom have all finished their research projects in the group- great job guys!

  • Kim successfully defends her PhD thesis.

April 2019

  • Dani wins a prize for her talk at the RSC Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms Discussion group meeting!

  • Ruth, Dani, Callum and Adam attend the IRMDG meeting in Manchester, with Dani and Callum giving talks and Adam presenting a poster.

  • Cei gives a talk at the NuSec Conference at the University of Surrey.

March 2019

  • There is a PDRA position available in the group! See The position is available for 33 months. Closing date 28th April.

February 2019

  • Welcome to Tom Linford-Wood, who joins us from the Catalysis CDT for his Research Sabbatical 1 project.

January 2019

  • Ruth gives a seminar at Heriot-Watt University.

December 2018

  • Nathan and Maia's work on transfer hydrogenation, in collaboration with Professor Stuart Macgregor and Sam Neale at Heriot-Watt, is accepted for publication in JACS!


November 2018

  • Ruth gives seminars at the University of Oxford, the Gordon Stone Symposium (Bristol) and the 6th Japan-UK Symposium on Asymmetric Catalysis (Fukuoka University).


October 2018

  • Welcome to Adam Barrett who joins the group for his PhD!

  • Welcome to Alex, Dave and Steve who join the group for their MChem projects!

September 2018

  • Ruth gives a seminar at QMUL.

  • Cei starts a sabbatical on a NuSec funded project awarded to Cei, Ruth and Dr. Alf Hill in Chemical Engineering.

August 2018

  • Nathan's work on disphosphine synthesis is published in Chem. Commun.!

  • Andrew King successfully defends his PhD thesis! Well done Andrew!

  • Nathan gives a talk at the ICCC in Sendai, Japan, while Callum presents a poster.

  • Nathan also presents his work at the 68th Conference of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry.

  • Ruth, Cei and Dr. Alf Hill have been awarded funds by NuSec, with additional financial support from the UKAEA, to investigate the use of ReactIR to detect tritium levels in water.


July 2018

  • Nathan gives two poster presentations at the ICOMC in Florence.


June 2018

  • Nathan gave his final year talk at the annual departmental Bolland Symposium.


May 2018

  • Lots has happened in the past few months including....

  • A big welcome to Dr Danila Gasperini who joined the group back in February as our new postdoctoral research associate!

  • Cei wins a poster prize at the 3rd Japan-UK Conference on Coordination Chemistry held at the University of St Andrews from 29th April to 2nd May. Ruth was invited to give a talk at this conference too.

  • Nathan and Cei both gave talks and Callum presented a poster at the RSC Dalton Meeting in Warwick (3rd to 5th April)

  • Nathan received funds from the RSC and the Armourers and Brasiers Gauntlet Trust to present his research at conferences this summer.

  • George completes his MChem project in the group- great work George!


October 2017

  • George Simmonds joins the group for his MChem project.


July 2017


June 2017

  • Welcome to Jacob Boswell from the CSCT, who is doing his second MRes project in the group, and Dmitry Gorbachev, who joins us for his summer research project!


May 2017


April 2017

  • Andrew wins the poster prize at ISACS!

  • Nathan gives a great flash presentation at ISACS, while Ruth chairs the Organometallic Catalysis & Small Molecule Activation session.

  • Andrew is a runner-up at the RSC Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Poster Symposium!


March 2017


February 2017

  • Ruth presents the group's research at Cardiff University.

  • Ruth presents the group's research at a seminar at the University of Leicester.


December 2016

  • Our industry collaboration with CatSci Ltd. results in a publication in Tetrahedron and the off-piste graphical abstract is selected for the front cover!

  • Ruth presents some of our recent research at the UK Catalysis Hub's Earth Abundant Metals Conference.

  • The Webster group claim a glorius victory at the Departmental Christmas Quiz!


November 2016

  • Ruth gives a seminar at the University of St. Andrews.


October 2016

  • Maia finishes her post doc and makes us all jealous by going travelling for 4 months!

  • Maia and Andrew's synthetic and mechanistic study on intramolecular hydrophosphination is published in ACS Catalysis!

  • Welcome to Oli Discoll who joins the group for his MChem project.

  • Ruth gives a seminar at the University of Nottingham.

  • Cei Provis-Evans joins the group for his PhD!


September 2016

  • Ruth gives an invited lecture at the RSC New Frontiers in Inorganic Chemistry: UK-China Perspectives meeting at Fudan University, Shanghai.

  • Ruth presents at the 2016 Gregynog Synthesis Meeting.

  • Maia and Kim present their research at EuCheMS Congress in Seville.


August 2016

  • Eni and Connor finish their projects in the lab- nice work guys!

  • Ruth presents the group's research at the University of Manchester.


July 2016

  • Maia presents her hydroboration research at the ISHC in Kyoto.

  • Eni Minerali (UNCG) and Connor Huntwork (Guildford College, NC) join the group for their NSF REU Program funded summer projects.

  • Kim, Andrew and Nathan attend the ICCC in Brest.


June 2016

  • Andrew and Kim are awarded RSC funding to attend conferences over the summer- well done guys!

  • We welcome Kirstie Milne to the group for her Catalysis CDT MRes project.


May 2016

  • Nathan wins a poster prize at the annual postgraduate symposium- well done Nathan!

  • We welcome Cei Provis-Evans to the group for his CSCT MRes project.


April 2016

  • Ruth is awarded a Royal Society Research Grant

  • Maia starts work on an Impact Acceleration project with CatSci Ltd investigating industrial applications for iron hydrophosphination catalysis.


March 2016

  • Maia and Ruth present the group's research at the Dalton 2016 conference in Warwick. Kim, Andrew and Nathan present posters, while Ruth also chairs a main group session.

  • Ruth attends the first management committee meeting for the EU COST Action CHAOS (C-H activation in Organic Synthesis).

  • Kim has been awarded departmental funds to attend the ICCC in France.


February 2016

  • Kim has been selected to give a talk at the ICCC in July, whilst Andrew and Nathan will be presenting posters- well done guys!

  • Big congratulations to Maia who has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship working with Professor Mike Whittlesey!


December 2015

  • Ruth presents the group's research at Pacifichem and has the pleasure of chairing a session on 'Advances in Phosphorus Chemistry'

  • Ruth visits the University of Rochester, NY and gives a departmental seminar.


November 2015

  • Ruth presents the group's research at the University of Strathclyde.


October 2015

  • Welcome to Nathan Coles who joins the group for his PhD, which focuses on element-H bond activation.

  • Welcome to Callum Woof who starts his MChem project in the group (bravely) working on reaction progress kinetic analysis for one of our iron catalysed reactions.


September 2015

  • Andrew's first paper from his PhD, which explores iron nacnac complexes for phosphine dehydrocoupling, is published in Chemistry - A European Journal!


August 2015

  • Jade and Amber leave the group having completed some fantastic summer research!

  • Ruth is awarded funds from the RSC International Mobility scheme to collaborate with Professor Michael Neidig at the University of Rochester.


July 2015

  • Welcome to Jade Izaguirre and Amber Kozak who have joined the group for summer projects funded through the NSF REU Program. Both are working on iron coordination chemistry.

  • Ruth and Maia attend the NSCCS workshop on applied computational chemistry for synthetic chemists.


June 2015

  • Ruth is awarded a Dalton Division bursary to present research at a joint UK-Canada symposium at the CSC in Ottawa.


May 2015

  • Congratulations to Sarah who completes our 2015 Dalton hat trick- her copper malonamide summer research has just been published!

  • Our MChem project students, Jonathan, Faye and Sarah, have finished their research in the lab- great work guys!


April 2015

  • Welcome to Dr. Maialen Espinal who joins the group as our new PDRA! Maia completed her PhD at the University of Oviedo where her research focussed on Re coordination chemistry.

  • Ruth's work with Robin Bedford is published in Angewandte!

  • Our bulky malonamide research is selected as a Research Highlight by the National Mass Spectrometry Facility.


March 2015


February 2015

  • Congratulations to Caleb, whose paper from his summer project (funded by the NSF REU programme) on the use of monophosphines in iron-catalysed Negishi cross-coupling, has been accepted as part of a thematic issue on 'Earth Abundant Element Compounds in Homogeneous Catalysis' in Dalton Transactions!

  • Ruth presents the group's research at the RSC South & West Regional Meeting in Reading while Kim presents a poster on her hydrophosphination research.


January 2015


October 2014

  • Welcome to Andrew, who joins the group for his PhD.

  • Welcome to our new undergraduate project students Jonathan, Faye and Sarah (who liked her summer research so much, she decided to come back for more!)

  • All are working on transformations using first row transition metals


September 2014

  • Sarah completes a fantastic summer project in the group; developing lots of awesome copper catalysis and getting some nice crystal structures.

  • Leighton finished his MRes project in the group "Activated amides for the synthesis of metallopolymers"

  • Ruth presents the group's research at MICRA 2014.


August 2014

  • Kim's first paper from her PhD, investigating iron catalysts for hydrophosphination, is published in ChemComm!

  • Caleb and Madison finish in the lab and present their research at a department seminar- great work guys!


July 2014

  • Undergraduate student, Vikki Evans, has the research from her final year project accepted for publication in Tetrahedron!

  • Our malonamide polymerisation research is published in ChemComm! This work is part of our collaboration with CatScI Ltd.

  • Welcome to Sarah, who joins the lab funded through an RSC Nuffield summer studentship. Sarah is designing some copper catalysts and using them for the synthesis of small organic molecules.

  • Kim presents her research at the ICOMC in Sapporo, Japan.

  • Welcome to Caleb and Madison from North Carolina. They will be spending the summer in the lab doing some first row TM catalysis (and travelling around Europe in their spare time!)

  • Ruth presented two posters (on Kim and Vikki's research) at the ISHC in Ottawa.


June 2014

  • Ruth is off to UBC to investigate new catalysts for hydroamination.


May 2014

  • Welcome to Leighton from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, who is undertaking his MRes project in the group. Leighton is investating new monomers for the synthesis of polyesters and metallopolyesters and will be studying the physical properties of these polymers.


March 2014

  • Kim presented her research at the Dalton 14 meeting in Warwick.

  • Sarah Bent will join the group having been awarded one of only 50 RSC Nuffield Summer Research Bursaries! She will be designing some new catalysts for organic synthesis.

  • Vikki and Sam have finished their final year research projects- well done and good luck in your final exams!


February 2014

  • Ruth has been awarded funding from the International Researcher Mobility Scheme to investigate the potential of N,O chelates to ligate to iron. This work will be carried out in collaboration with Professor Laurel Schafer at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


January 2014

  • Many thanks to the RSC Research Fund for award of a small grant to expand our research into the novel reactivity of bulky amides.


December 2013


October 2013

  • Welcome to Kim Gallagher who is starting her PhD in the group! Kim is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh and already has one publication from her time at the Argonne National Laboratory. She is currently developing new methods for catalytic hydrophosphination.

  • Welcome to Vikki and Sam, both starting undergraduate research projects in the lab. Vikki is investigating a novel Cu-catalysed deprotection strategy whilst Sam is looking into stoichiometric transformations with Fe.

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